Architectural survey of Jerusalem

Project summary

Carried out between 1968 and 1979, this pilot project produced an architectural and photographic survey of little known but historically important buildings in the Old City in Jerusalem. The aim was to produce an accurate record of these public and private buildings by preparing large scale plans, sections and elevations of the buildings.

Project details

Location: Various

Year(s): 1968 to 1979

Project team:

Lead institutions and funding:

Project description

Results of the survey have been compiled in the volume Mamluk Jerusalem: An Architectural Study by M.H. Burgoyne and D. S. Richards. The volume is available at the CBRL libraries in Amman and Jerusalem. Hardback copies are available at this link.

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Project bibliography

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Project media gallery

Muslim sheikhs and effendis at Khalidiyah Library. (Credit: Qalandiya International, 2018).