Contemporary Levant

Contemporary Levant is an international, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal publishing papers on the contemporary politics, society and culture of the Levant region and its diasporas and neighbouring countries.

Topics covered by the journal span from anthropology, sociology, politics, religion and theology to cultural studies, modern history, social geography, media, film studies and literature.

Established in 2016, Contemporary Levant is published twice a year.

Contemporary Levant can be accessed online at Taylor & Francis.

Contemporary Levant current issue:

Contemporary Levant vol. 6/2, 2021


Contemporary Levant latest articles:

Karèn Sanchez Summerer, Philippe Bourmaud, Séverine Gabry-Thienpont, Marie Levant & Norig Neveu:‘Reconstructing babel’: Christian missions and knowledge production in the Middle East, nineteenth-twentieth century

Sarah Irving: Palestine’s Syriac Orthodox community and the Dead Sea scrolls

Bernard Kronnegger: A schism in the Melkite Church? The conflict surrounding the seminary of Saint Anne during the Mandate period


Contemporary Levant past issues:

Contemporary Levant vol. 6/1, 2021. Eastern Christianity in Syria and Palestine and European cultural diplomacy (1860-1948) – guest editors Karène Sanchez Summerer and Konstantinos Papastathis
Contemporary Levant vol. 5/2, 2020.



Contemporary Levant vol. 5/1 (2020). Levantine Chronotopes: Prisms for Entangled Histories – guest editors Rana Issa and Einar Wigen


Contemporary Levant vol. 4/2 (2019).



Contemporary Levant vol. 4/1 (2019). The British Mandate in Palestine: New Histories, New Historical Agents and Re-framing Old Paradigms – guest editors Lauren Banko, Roberto Mazza, and Steven Wagner
Contemporary Levant vol. 3/2 (2018)


Contemporary Levant vol. 3/1 (2018). Gendering Everyday Islam – guest editors Claudia Liebelt and Pnina Werbner
Contemporary Levant vol. 2/2 (2017)


Contemporary Levant vol. 2/1 (2017). Ethnography as knowledge in the Arab region – guest editors Samar Kanafani and Zina Sawaf


Contemporary Levant vol. 1/2 (2016).



Contemporary Levant vol. 1/1 (2016). Revisiting the Arab Uprisings: Reflections from Within and Without