Levant is an international peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal publishing papers on the archaeology and history of the Levant region, its diasporas and neighbouring countries (prehistory–Ottoman).

Areas of research covered by the journal include anthropology, archaeology, environmental science, heritage studies and industrial archaeology.

Established in 1969, Levant is published three times per year and includes both original research papers and short reports. Levant can be accessed online at Taylor & Francis.

Levant current issue:

Levant vol. 53.1 (2021)

Levant latest articles:

Michael Fradley: British inter-war aerial photogrammetric mapping in the MENA region: archives, access and research potential

Letty ten Harkel & Michael T. Fisher: The EAMENA database and its potential impact on research and heritage management: a case study of Crusader heritage in Lebanon

Ian Elliot McElroy: Constructed contrasts and manipulated experiences: the cathedral at Gerasa and its relationship with the adjacent Temple of Artemis complex

Levant past issues: