Ways To Help Syria And Türkiye

We are devastated by the events in Türkiye and Syria following Monday’s catastrophic earthquakes.

At CBRL, our connection to Syria, one of the most important countries covered by our work, spans many years. Our thoughts and prayers are with our Syrian friends and colleagues and their families in these difficult times.

Before the earthquakes hit on Monday, the humanitarian crisis in the northwestern region of Syria was considered one of the most urgent in the world. A natural disaster of this scale could not have hit a more vulnerable population. In an effort to give back to the people of Syria, who always welcomed us with utmost generosity, hospitality, and warmth, we are encouraging our members and friends to contribute to any of the following organisations, which are running urgent earthquake relief campaigns, and to help us spread the word.

Doctors Without Borders

Humanity & Inclusion

Molham Team

Save the Children

Syrian American Medical Society

The White Helmets

To help provide context, we have included some of our webinars on Syria below.

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