Updates from journal Levant

At the end of last year, it was with huge thanks that we bade farewell to Graham Philip as Editor of CBRL’s journal Levant after 17 years in position. Under his editorship the journal saw huge achievements including continuously ranking in the top quartile of archaeology and history journals since 2012. In 2018 Levant was ranked 33rd out of 300 journals listed under archaeology in the SCImago Journal Ranking. Thank you Graham!

We are now thrilled to welcome Caroline Middleton as Levant’s new Editor. Caroline is no stranger to Levant; she worked alongside Graham as the journal’s Editorial Assistant for the past 17 years. She brings a wealth of publications, research, and fieldwork experience to the role. Caroline has a deep knowledge of CBRL and its fellow British Academy British International Research Institutes (BIRI); she was formerly the UK Administrator for the British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History (BIAAH), the Jordanian branch of today’s CBRL, and in 1998 she assisted in the creation of CBRL. Alongside her academic research, Caroline has worked as a freelance production editor for archaeological publications, producing both journals and monographs including several CBRL monographs and she is CBRL’s Monographs Editor. She has a PhD from the University of Liverpool and is particularly interested in the transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer; she specialises in zooarchaeology and stable isotopes.

Since Caroline’s appointment, it’s been a busy year for Levant. After recent delays in the distribution of journal issues, we’re delighted to announce that publications are back-on-track. Volume 53(2) will be printed and distributed imminently and volume 53(3), a special issue, is due out at the end of this year. At the end of 2020, Levant launched its own Twitter account; you can now keep up to date with publications as they appear online by following Levant at @JournalLevant. In other exciting news, there are plans to launch a Levant best paper prize – we will share more information on this next month.

Levant is an international peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal from CBRL. Established in 1969, Levant is published three times per year and includes both original research papers and short reports. It welcomes interesting, innovative papers from the Palaeolithic, through to and including the industrial and conflict archaeology of the 20th century from a range of disciplinary perspectives including anthropology, archaeology, environmental science, heritage studies and industrial archaeology. Levant is particularly open to publishing science-based, environmentally focused articles. While contributions to Levant should be in English, the journal actively seeks to publish papers from researchers of any nationality who are working in its areas of interest.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit papers via Levant’s online submissions system or by contacting Caroline Middleton ([email protected]), to discuss potential submissions.

Individual subscription to Levant is via membership to CBRL. Subscription gives online access to all past issues of the journal. For more information, please see here.