Nahrein Network new visiting scholars programme is now open

CBRL are delighted to be part of the newly expanded Nahrein Network. The Network fosters the sustainable development of antiquity, cultural heritage and the humanities in Iraq and its neighbours. The aim is to enhance the capacity of Iraqi, Lebanese, Iranian, and Turkish scholars to engage in the sustainable development of cultural heritage. The Network supports interdisciplinary research to enable universities, museums, and community groups to better serve local, post-conflict needs.  

The Nahrein Network aims to tackle, in tandem, two challenges presently facing the Middle East: the systematic local exclusions from participation in the construction of Middle Eastern antiquity and history; and massive population growth, coupled with endemic instability, poverty and youth unemployment.  

Through the visiting scholars programme, the Nahrein Network enables academics, cultural heritage professionals, and NGO workers based in the countries where the Network is active, to visit the UK for 1-2 months for training and research.  

The call for applications is now open – deadline is 15 February. For more information about the scheme and how to apply, please visit the dedicated webpage here.

The Visiting Scholarships Scheme is run jointly by the Nahrein Network with: