Kenyon Institute in Jerusalem reopening

Kenyon Institute Library—refurbishment in progress

The CBRL Kenyon Institute (KI) officially re-opened its hostel on 15 March after lifting of the travel and health restrictions related to the global COVID-19 pandemic that had prevented hosting public events or receiving guests.

We are looking forward to the reactivation of vital, postponed work and new endeavours, and welcoming our members who, we know, are keen to return to resume their research.

CBRL used the period of closures to upgrade the KI facilities, which was very necessary and long overdue. The entire interior (20 rooms) has been re-painted, hostel rooms upgraded, and security features improved.

We also redesigned and expanded our library to create more workspace and created a rare and oversized books and maps room, and an archive room for digitisation. Additionally, we now have a 12-person teleconference/meeting room; a podcast recording studio and additional project workstations with fibre optic internet.  Other renovations include the renovation of the lower storage room and the upper classroom annex.

The KI dormitory has six rooms capable of hosting up to ten guests, available at affordable rates to members, with refurbished communal bathrooms.

Overall these renovations aim to equip the Institute with the necessary physical and digital infrastructure and equipment for realising a new ‘hub’ vision, that increases research and networking activity, while also generating revenue from rental of new spaces and equipment.

The library’s new multipurpose central workspace/seminar/theatre room, the teleconference/meeting and podcast rooms, new project workspaces, and outdoor spaces are now becoming available for hire. If you are interested in any of these spaces to run your activity please contact us to discuss your ideas at the following e-mail address: [email protected].

Our staff has worked very hard during this period to realise these changes, and we are tremendously grateful to our donors, the Al Tajir Trust and the Barakat Trust, and the ongoing support of the British Academy.

If you would like to request accommodation at the KI please follow this link. CBRL membership is a requirement—see here.

We aim to provide a more comfortable and intimate facility for our residents capable of fostering a climate conducive to productive study, exchange, community building and leisure.

Toufic Haddad—KI Director

Kenyon Institute Hostel—refurbished lounge area
Kenyon Institute Hostel—twin room