CBRL 2023 master’s dissertation prizes in Levantine Studies

We are happy to announce the master’s dissertation prizes in the field of Levantine studies for the academic year 2023:
  • Levantine archaeology or history: the CBRL prize for a final-year master’s dissertation, or major research paper
  • Contemporary Levantine studies: the CBRL prize for a final-year master’s dissertation, or major research paper.

We invite UK and Levant-based* heads of departments or chairs of departmental examination boards to nominate one final year dissertation in one of the above subject areas. Where a department covers both the ancient and contemporary Levant, one nomination for each prize may be entered.

*Dissertations nominated by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Levant (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Cyprus) must be written in English.

The dissertation should be the best in the subject area (with a distinction quality), should focus on a topic relating to Levantine studies whether ancient or modern, should make an original contribution to research debates, and be of excellent quality.

Nominations will be entered into a national competition for the 2023 CBRL master’s dissertation prizes.

Prize: £250, plus one-year membership of CBRL, online subscription to one of CBRL’s journals and acknowledgement on the CBRL website.

Nomination procedure

November – December 2023: nominations should be made by departmental academic staff at master’s exam boards. Examiners/supervisors should make a case for the nomination (on the nomination form); the student should be informed that their dissertation has been nominated for the prize; student contact details should be given on the form.

31 December 2023: deadline for department to send an electronic PDF of the nominated dissertation together with the completed nomination form to [email protected].

April 2024: students and departments informed of successful outcomes.

Nomination form 2023