Built Heritage and Modernity photography competition: winners announced

CBRL continued its collaboration with the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) at the start of 2022, this time working with the JEA’s Architecture Division of Urban Heritage Preservation Committee, to organise a photography competition for young architects and architecture students. The competition attracted diverse entries of subject matter and style that reflects the richness of Jordan’s heritage. 

The judging panel was made up of representatives from CBRL and the JEA as well as architects with professional experience in photography; Tareq Hadi and Sami al Natour. With more than 30 submissions, the judges chose images that glimpse built heritage within the modern living context in a sensible way. 

The winners of the competition with their entries, JEA, 2022.

We are thrilled to announce the winners: first place was awarded to Tasneem Jamal Ali Hamzeh, for their photograph, ‘Windows of the soul – Cultural simulation in one frame,’ in second place: Jenan Sadeq Talab Al-Atel’s for ‘Between the present and the past – the Umayyad Palace’ and in third place Fatima Adnan Fahid Shamout’s ‘Everyone is equal before God, King Abdullah I Mosque.’ 

Congratulations to all the winners; we’ve been very impressed by their astute observations. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. An awards ceremony was held on 14th February at the JEA, attended by JEA President Ahmad al-Zoubi, CBRL staff, the judges’ committee and the winners. Eng. al-Zoubi expressed his appreciation for the fruitful collaboration between JEA and CBRL for architectural and urban heritage protection in Jordan and added that the competition aimed to motivate students and young architects to use their lenses to discover and document the built heritage. 

Representing CBRL, Firas Bqain, Operations Manager in Amman, thanked the JEA team including Marah Al Khayyat, H.E Ihab Amarin, Alaa Abu Kwaik as well as the architecture committee and CBRL’s Shatha Mubaideen for all their work on this project and other collaborative activities with the JEA.

The panel of the judges with Eng. Ahmad al Zoubi, JEA, 2022.
The attendees of the prize-giving ceremony, JEA, 2022.

CBRL’s next collaborative activity with the JEA is the creation of an online training course on the Principles of Preserving Architectural Heritage – set to launch on the 20th February. More details here.