CBRL maintains a broad and highly active engagement in research. We offer a variety of funding opportunities working on and in the Levant, covering topics related to our research themes.

Opportunities for 2024-25 are now open. The closing date is 24 March 2024.

CBRL Project Grants 2024-25

Project grants for up to £10,000 for early career and established researchers based at one of the UK’s Higher Education Institutions (HEI) or research organisation, including to undertake pilot work to establish the feasibility of a larger project or to bring an established project to completion. 

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CBRL Residential Fellowships 2024-25

Residential Fellowships for up to £4,000 for early career and established researchers, either based in a UK HEI or research organisation or within ten years of obtaining a PhD at a UK university, to undertake a period of research (normally three months) at the CBRL Amman Institute. Applications which use Amman’s Library and Environmental and Archaeological Lab facilities will be particularly well considered.

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CBRL Andrea Zerbini Awards 2024-25

CBRL Andrea Zerbini Awards are open to doctoral students from universities in the EU and UK for travel to the Levant on topics related to archaeology and heritage. Two awards of up to £4,000 each are available.

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CBRL Travel Grants 2024-25

Travel Grants for up to £1,200 for doctoral students registered at a UK HEI or post-doctoral members of staff at a UK HEI or research organisation to undertake travel in the region (or outside, if a convincing case can be made that the research proposes is essential to a Levantine research topic). 

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CBRL Research Support Grants 2024-25

Research Support Grants for up to £1,200 for graduate researchers based in one of the countries within CBRL’s remit. Eligible costs include costs of academic enrolment for the research to be undertaken; reasonable subsistence costs, consumables.

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CBRL Networking Partnership Awards 2024-25

Networking Partnership Awards are offered to establish or develop research partnerships between UK and Levant based post-doctoral researchers. Applicants must have institutional affiliations. The maximum level of award is £2,500.

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Funded Research Projects

A list of researchers who received CBRL funding for their projects over the past four years.