Photographic Explorations of The Badia

4:00 pm
07 August 2024


Wednesday, 7 August 2024  

 06:00 PM (Amman Time), 04:00 PM (London Time)

Photographic explorations of The Badia

For over a decade Bashar Tabbah has explored Jordan with his camera, documenting hundreds of cultural and religious sites throughout the kingdom. This has led to an ever-expanding list of photography projects as well as book publications, exhibitions, and even further exploration. During this time, the Badia has played a significant role in these explorations, from documenting its structures and landscapes to its multitude of inscriptions, the region constantly has offered new topics to photograph. In this talk, Bashar will be walking us through some of his favourite images and locations from the past decade of exploring the Badia via land and air.

Presenter: Bashar Tabbah

Bashar Tabbah is an English-Levantine photographer based in Amman, Jordan, who focuses on cultural and religious heritage, particularly in the Islamic and Mediterranean worlds. With over 300 documented sites globally and 350 in Jordan, Bashar regards himself as a historical photographer and explorer. 

Format: Hybrid 

Language: English 

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