From Sheffield to Amman: Projects on Public Spaces and Refugees’ Integration

CBRL Amman Institute, 6 Al-Baouneyah Street, Qaiwar Complex, Jabal Al-Lweibdeh
11 September 2022

This joint talk by Dr Clare Rishbeth and Dr Hala Ghanem will start with presenting #refugeeswelcome in parks: a project interweaving public space usage and sociocultural integration. Clare Rishbeth will show how the research team connected approaches with practical recommendations and case studies. The project, which was open to a wide range of ideas and initiatives supporting refugees’ access to parks, displayed examples from different cities across northern Europe. Moving from the international context to the local context of Amman, CBRL Research Project Grant Recipient Hala Ghanem will reflect on her project Enhancing everyday outdoor experiences of refugees in Jordan, which included a collaborative series of multi-level/actor workshops and outdoor interventions. The project intended to inform related practices on ways to maximise refugees’ usage of public open spaces, by involving refugees in participation and leadership for access to public spaces. Hala will present reflections of the collective processes of investigation, action and education that were reflected in sequential clusters of workshops between refugees and various partners.

This event will take place on Sunday, 11th of September 2022, at 6:00 pm Amman time, 4 pm in the UK.

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About the speakers:

Dr Clare Rishbeth (@clarerishbeth) is a senior lecturer in the Landscape Department at the University of Sheffield. Clare’s research interests include migration histories and the experiential qualities of place, developing a landscape specific contribution within a broad field of literature encompassing belonging and isolation, conviviality and racism, transnational connections and the shaping cultures of use of public open space.

Dr Hala Ghanem (@halaghanemak) is an affiliate researcher in the Landscape Department at the University of Sheffield and will be soon joining The Hashemite University in Jordan as an Assistant Professor. Hala is a spatial planner interested in researching relational perspectives of public open spaces, migration, and post-conflict cities.