Colonial-Industrial Heritage in Jordan: The Case of the As-Safawi H5 Pumping Station

4:00 pm
17 July 2024


Wednesday, 17 July 2024

06:00 PM (Amman Time), 04:00 PM (London Time)   

Colonial-Industrial Heritage in Jordan: The Case of the As-Safawi H5 Pumping Station 

Industrial archaeology, modern conflict archaeology, and urban heritage have all become significant areas of study for historical archaeologists, architectural historians, and heritage professionals. By contrast, the industrial heritage of the Middle East has been comparatively little studied despite the significant role the extraction and transport of oil has played in the region’s modern history. This presentation discusses these issues based on a case study of the As-Safawi H5 pumping station in eastern Jordan. Built during the British Mandate era, the pumping station was one of several facilities that facilitated oil transport through the Kirkuk-Haifa pipeline. As part of the CBRL Network Partnership Award for 2022/23, the researchers conducted a photographic survey of the H5 station. They also analysed archival material from Britain and cooperated with the APAAME project to provide aerial photographs of the site. At the end of the research phase, a dissemination workshop and a roundtable were held with the local community to gather insights for the future development of the research.

Presenter: Shatha Mubaideen 

Shatha Mubaideen is the Senior Research and Partnerships Officer at the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL) Amman Institute. She is an architect with an M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering/Cultural Resource Management from the University of Jordan. Over the past eight years, Shatha has worked extensively in cultural heritage protection, including roles with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (DoA), Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan (MaDiH) project, and the CBRL. Her research interests include preserving and managing cultural heritage sites, particularly in the context of Jordan’s built, colonial and industrial heritage. In this presentation, Shatha represents a collaborative team that includes Dr David Petts from Durham University, Dr Tobias Richter from the University of Copenhagen, Dr John B. Winterburn, an independent researcher and Dr Ali al Manaseer from the Hashemite University.

Format: Hybrid 

Language: English 

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