Dr Caroline Middleton, Editor-in-Chief of Levant

Dr Caroline Middleton has been associated with CBRL for many years, initially as their UK Administrator.

Caroline has a BA in archaeology from the University of Reading. After working for the British Academy, the British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History, and newly formed CBRL, she gained a Masters in archaeology followed by a PhD, both from the University of Liverpool.

She is particularly interested in the transition from hunter-gatherers to farmers, specialising in the methodologies of zooarchaeology, palaeodiet and stable isotopes. She has worked on a number of archaeological projects in Jordan and Turkey. Alongside her academic research she worked as a freelance production editor for archaeological publications, producing both journals and monographs, including several monographs for CBRL.

Prior to taking over as Editor-in-Chief of Levant Caroline worked for a number of years as Levant’s Editorial Assistant. She also assists with general publication matters for CBRL and is CBRL’s Monographs Editor.

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