Bisan Abu-Eisheh, Jerusalem Research and Events Coordinator

Bisan Abu Eisheh (1985, Jerusalem, Palestine) is a PhD candidate at CREAP department, University of Westminster. He is using art as a tool to investigate history, society and politics. Working across media, such as video, installations and interventions, with a practice situated both within the gallery space and the public sphere, his work attempts to create a sort of shared awareness for himself as well as his audience about several details lost within grand narratives.

For his PhD, Abu Eisheh is investigating the post-Oslo-agreement (1993) reality in juxtaposition with visual Palestinian art practices as a form of knowledge production and distribution.

Abu Eisheh’s works has been shown at major institutions and art events such as The Palestinian Museum (2017); Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2016); Glasgow International (2016); Eva International Biennial (2014); ICA London (2013); and the Istanbul Biennial (2011).

Abu Eisheh has also curated a number of international events/programs, including: Once Upon a City intervention in collaboration with Al Hoash, Jerusalem (2018) and Hospitalfield’s Summer School: Fieldworks (2016), under the title “Not Every Tent is The Same”, Arbroath, Scotland.

Selected Residencies includes: Art OMI International Residency Program, Ghent, NY, USA (2018). Culture + Conflict, London, UK (2016/2017)  Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory, Innsbruck, Austria (2015).


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