Dr Elian Weizman, Honorary Secretary

Dr Elian Weizman is a Course Director and Lecturer in International Relations at London South Bank University (LSBU). Before joining LSBU in August 2019, she was a Lecturer in Middle East Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Previously she served as the Deputy Director of CBRL’s Kenyon Institute (2015-17).

Elian’s research agenda is grounded in the case of Israel/Palestine but speaks more broadly to the study of (settler) colonial regimes, paying particular attention to the dynamics of resistance within settler colonial states, the intersection of law and violence and the politics of knowledge production in these contexts.

Her current research focuses on the criminalisation of political activism of anti-Zionist Jewish Israelis in contemporary Israel. Elian also co-coordinates an interdisciplinary network around the themes of settler colonialism, knowledge production and anticolonial/decolonial praxis.

She was elected as CBRL honorary secretary in November 2020 and is currently chair of the human resources sub-committee and a member of the finance and governance sub-committee. She was first elected as a CBRL trustee in December 2017.